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Introducing Lauren Batterby, Founder.

LIFE Event Staffing was started off the back of the pandemic. We had a tribe of staff that were working pre-pandemic across the entire of the US and they were just the best in the business. As soon as the pandemic hit, of course, we lost all onsite events and they lost not only a source of income, but what they loved to do as well.

So I managed to round everybody back up again and say, “Hey, we’re going back out on site. Come join me. Let’s see if we can do this.” And I basically put them back in an environment that they could thrive in.

It’s been quite clear since the end of the pandemic that our non-profits and our feeling like they can get back out on site and welcome their donors to their large galas once again. We’ve had an overwhelming response to this idea of our staff being auction trained across multiple technologies, and we are having to prepare for this with the correct training materials, not only from our mobile bidding partners, but also, ‘what is an auction?’ ‘How does it run?’

So we have strong partnerships with our mobile bidding partners. They really do support us in the training that they provide us and any updates that that they have as well. The interesting thing about life, this company and the way it has grown is the workforce and the passion that they have. They are happy.

They enjoy what they do and it inspires me the whole way through. I have just been an organic advocate for these people that share this love for this industry.

Comments from the LIFE team:

‘The people that we work with are really nice. Everybody has their own story and it’s very flexible. You can work when you want to and it’s just a great group of people.’ Chris Marcantel

‘I like working for LIFE Event Staffing because it’s very flexible. I get to work when I want to. I feel completely in control of my schedule. I also really enjoy working for Lauren. She was my boss at GiveSmart and I was very happy when I found out that she was starting her own business.’ Megan Stricker

‘I love that part of my job is helping these amazing charities raise money, and the best part is actually seeing how generous people can be.’ Stefanie Resnick

‘I love how each event is sort of like a new adventure and how we get to help out all these amazing causes and, you know, do it for a living.’ Maria Lorena

‘I love that no event is the same. Like every time you have an event, it’s a whole different experience. And especially with these events, you’re helping raise money for a great cause.’ Christine Aziz

‘The most fulfilling part about being there is knowing that these people are a part of this process that helps people long after we’re done with the festivities of the evening that we’ll working.’ Edwin Valero

‘The team that I work with currently, Lauren and a few others Micheal, Loretta – we all just work as a great team and we have that camaraderie where, you know, we trust each other in a way where we get work done and we support each other in any way that we can.’ Chi Tran

We really want to partner with companies that have the same vision as we do that love our industry and want to be all around providers to assist all of our mutual clients. Another thing I think our clients love about us is that we are ethically minded. We travel our staff thousands of miles across the US to get to our events and we track every mile.

This probably makes us the greenest staffing agency in the US, if not the world. LIFE Event Staffing, in a nutshell, is the perfect combination of highly qualified and professional event staff that know what they are doing and know exactly how to interact with your guests mixed with the knowledge and experience of the technology that you will be using.

This is what has made us so successful and this is what makes your event a huge success.

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